What are Custom Cigarette Boxes?

Custom cigarette boxes are the paper or cardboard boxes that are designed to keep in cigarettes. These boxes are made in various styles, shapes, and sizes. These boxes are prepared through the high tech printing machines that give excellent digital prints on the boxes.

The boxes can be customized according to the demand of each cigarette brand. The name of the company together with some instructions and contact number are printed on the custom cigarette boxes.

Why are the custom cigarette boxes handy?

These boxes are safe to keep the fragile cigarettes in them. These boxes are very affordable as we offer 100 to 10,000 boxes in entirely negotiable amounts. The custom cigarette boxes have many printing options like you can print them in CMYK or other printing colors. Even you can keep your custom cigarette box blank by ordering no printing on them.

To grab the attraction of the viewers and to make popularity of your brand you can choose foil coats, embossing, matte options and other metallic labels for the boxes.

Our Services

You can even ask to print a quote of your desire on the boxes. You don’t know, but these boxes add in the purchase of your cigarettes by giving them a look of the brand. These boxes surprise you with their usage.

You can order the custom cigarette boxes from us online. We guarantee you to deliver your boxes at your doorstep in just 5 to 6 business days. You can even customize your custom cigarette boxes by providing us your template but first, have a look at our numberless designs especially in 3D.


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